Macbook Cases and Co If you require a 2016 Pro Ret 13 or 15 case please see the FAQ for information on ordering
  • Add Your Own Photos MacBook Case. MacBook Case. Top and Bottom Hard Plastic MacBook Case

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    Hi Thank you for checking out our Add Your Own Photo MacBook Case.

    Once purchased please contact us using our contact form to send us over your photos, if we do not hear from you we will reach out.  By sending us over the photos you are confirming that you have permission to use them.

    The cases come with a top and a bottom. Only the top has the design, the bottom case is not printed on. You can choose between having the logo showing through your case or not :) 

     If you are unsure if you have a Retina or Non Retina Pro the easiest way to tell is whether it has a CD/DVD drive if it does this is a NON Retina if it doesn't you need the Retina version :) 

     Although we highly recommend you check your Mac model on the Apple site before ordering: 

     We aim to ship within 5 working days, we normally ship before this but just in case the printers are extremely busy we don't want you to be let down by expecting it to ship sooner. 

     Delivery after your order has been marked as shipped: UK within 5 working days Europe within 7 working days Everywhere else within 10 working days During busier periods things can take a bit longer EG Christmas but we will let our customers know the Christmas cut off dates :)
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