Macbook Cases and Co If the design you like doesn't have Pro Retina 13 & 15 2016 added to the choices please let us know

Will your cases fit the new Pro Retina 13 and Pro Retina 15 with the touch bar?

We don't have these cases in stock yet so no the ones we have will not fit the new touch bar models

How can I check the price in my currency?

We have added a currency converter to the site at the bottom left of every page or you can head over to  where you can also check the price in your currency. Our prices are in GBP - British pounds.

Is your checkout secure?

Yes as soon as you go through the checkout process you will notice your address bar turn green, this is the sign that any website you visit is secure and you are safe on the Web. We are also certified by McAfee Secure  

Do you ship to my country?

Yes we ship worldwide.

What are the processing times? 

Our processing times are 3-5 days, items are usually shipped before this time but there can be times of the year when our printers are busier so we advise longer times to save disappointment 

When will i receive my item?

Once your item has been marked as shipped/dispatched it is estimated by the postal service that the order should arrive with you:

UK within 5 working days

Europe within 7 working days

Everywhere else within 10 working days

Working days do not include weekends or public holidays

Orders being sent outside of the UK can sometimes get caught up at customs, it doesn't happen often but it can occasionally cause a delay.

What does it meant to have with/without apple logo?

If you would like your Mac Apple logo to still show through your case/skin choose apple logo cut out. This means that this part of the case is not printed on so you apple logo still shines :) 

With out the Apple logo cut out means the whole case is printed on and your logo will be covered

Do I have a Non Retina or Retina Macbook?

If you have a pro 13 or 15 you can tell easily if it is Retina or Non Retina based on if you have a CD drive.

If you have a CD drive you have a Pro NON Retina Macbook

If you do not have a CD drive you have a Pro Retina Macbook

How do I know if I have a 15inch, 13 inch etc? How do I measure?

The screen size is the measurement used in the Macbook name. To check your Macbook size you measure just your screen from top left to bottom right.

They do not use the exact measurements so for example a Macbook Pro retina 15 display will measure 15.4 inches not 15 exactly :)

Whats the difference between a skin and a case?

All our Laptop and Macbook Skins are priced at £15.99 A skin is a vinyl sticker that can be easily removed and changed if wanted.

All our Hard Plastic cases are priced at £37.00. The case are a hard plastic clip on case that come with a top and bottom to protect your mac.

When I purchase a Macbook Case do I receive a bottom case?


The bottom part of the Macbook Cases is clear, we do not and will not print on the bottom case as this is where all the vent holes are to keep your mac from over heating.

I have a design I like but its not on the product I would like is there anything you can do?


If there is a design you like thats on one product and you cant find it on the product you would like it on please let us know and we can get that sorted out for you

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